Core Minutes Ltd

Core Minutes Ltd is a research services company based in Hampshire, England. We offer our services to all forms of medical and pharmaceutical institutions, including hospitals, universities, medical training and product companies and pharmaceutical corporations.
Our services are project based rather than clinical. We aim to offer services which aid the administration side of medical research projects. This includes:
  • collecting and collating data
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • interviewing people, including patients, GPs and consultants
  • designing questionnaires
  • writing reports and preparing papers
We have extensive experience with many types of research, and have an excellent track record assisting with grant applications.

Tina Reinson B.Sc.(Hons)
Tina is our primary researcher. Her degree is in Psychology, and she has extensive experience in health, exercise and nutrition. She has worked for hospitals and sports medicine centres in the UK and Australia.
Derek Fountain B.Sc.(Hons)
Derek is an I.T. specialist and data scientist. Formally educated in Computer Science, he has experience in many forms of information technology. His expertise is data management and security.